The structure of the question and its answer

When you cast the lines, you build up a hexagram, consisting of two trigrams. When one or more lines are 'old', there is also a relating hexagram with its trigrams.

Every trigram represents part of your question/answer. Every part of it can be found in them: the base or core, the advice, the situation, the need, the energy.

Imagine you cast hexagram 17 with lines 1 and 2 changing. The relating hexagram will be 47.
In 17 the lower trigram is Thunder, this is how you feel. Full of energy in this case, you want to make something happen.
But it is not easy, the situation is confining, 47. You probably asked the Yi because energy when you are confined is a real problem.

Yi's advice is Lake, the upper trigram of 17: reckon with other people.
The best way to do this, in THIS situation, can be found in the moving lines.

Initial line: The standards are changing. Determination auspicious. To come out of the gate and interact brings achievement.
This line turns Thunder into Lake, so the quality of 'open' is extra strong. Open like a child.

Line 2: Related to the small child, losing the big man.
This line turns Thunder into Lake, so the quality of 'open' is extra strong. Open like a child.

I chose hex.47 as relating hex, because it is not very hard to describe. Most hexagrams have a much wider range of meanings. it doesn't mean that 47 is narrower, it just needs less description.

I have a 'real' example, also with 47

Our phone company fused with another one. They had to move the data of all customers. The next day 4 of our 6 phones didn't work anymore. We couldn't reach them, because it seemed a large part of all clients were complaining. After several weeks we could finally reach the helpdesk and they gave us the advice you need when a phone stops working. They maintained that it was a problem of the phones, not caused by the migration. Mailing didn't help either, they gave just more of the same advice.

So I asked Yi how to solve the trouble with the phones: 12/2,6 - 47. Duh... Hex.47 was exactly how we felt. Confined, no working phones, no help, no solution.

12/2: To work under contract. Small men: auspicious. Great men: obstruction for expansion.
Mirror: about making a good use of misfortune.
We decided to switch company and we asked the guy who helps with our computers, and who knows all about phones as well. It is his job - his contract.
We used the problem to improve things: see below.
Here small men is the one guy: just one person versus a gigantic company, the big guy.

12/6: The obstruction is temporary. First obstruction, later rejoicing.
Mirror: how one thing makes other(s) come along.
The new company is better with phones, but also more expensive. Except for this guy, who could offer a cheaper contract through his job. And he will be a much better helpdesk as well!

Lower trigram 12, Earth: our question was how to make our 'living-space' right again, and since it changes to Water, it has to do with moving.
Yi's advice was to follow the existing laws (trigram Heaven): first asking the helpdesk, but when that road doesn't work, to follow the next law: find another one who can do the job. Heaven changes to Lake: when the rule of the responsible party doesn't work, look around in society, and there the rule is to find someone who knows, an expert.